Parenting Diary
The Parenting Diary offers separated parents the versatility that help both of you create tailored solutions for your specific situations:

Co-Parenting – Negotiations – Mediation

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We do not offer legal advice at our support group meetings. Legal advice can only be obtained from a lawyer. We do not have a lawyer in attendance at our support group meetings. Our free support group meetings are chaired by a senior certified law clerk who is also a divorced father and an adult child of divorce. Our Support Group meetings are a place to share and exchange personal experience and knowledge about the process of separation and divorce. Discussions at our meetings are of a supportive nature so that fathers can gain a clearer understanding of separation/divorce from the perspective of fathers who have had success in Family Court. Meeting dates are subject to change.


All information, documents, links, resources on this website and the information discussed at our Q&A support group meetings DOES NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE.  If you wish legal advice please consult with a lawyer. The information on this website is simply one possible starting point for your 'strategic consideration'.