Parenting Diary

The Parenting Diary
The Parenting Diary helps separated parents create tailor-made solutions.
It is an excellent organizing tool for:

Establishing communication;
(especially, when emotions make resolution difficult)
Creating alternative suggestions;
(for consideration by both parents)
Developing a co-parenting plan
(in mediation sessions or together on your own)

The Parenting Diary is a versatile tool that both parents can use to communicate during divorce or separation proceedings especially when verbal communication is difficult or simply not possible. It’s also an excellent system for assisting parents who want to develop co-parenting plans – even when reasonable attempts to settle differences of opinion reach an impasse or fail… The Parenting Diary can assist parents in creating a parenting time(access/visitation) schedule with your children.

 Review of the Parenting Diary

By Diana Shepherd,  Editor of Divorce Magazine

” …An excellent tool to help you gauge how you and your child are coping with your divorce…using the handy charts and calendars allows you to keep track of relevant information, such as: the frequency you and your child do something together; in what activities your child participates (including extra-curricular activities, clubs, teams, household chores, indoor and outdoor recreation) the time spent with family and friends; a section on phone calls with your child (when, duration, who initiated the call, and what you talked about). You’ll be able to see – on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – when and how your child’s behavior changes. This effective, information-packed product takes the worry out of what you have to remember, and shows you how to record it. The Parenting Diary can be used by parents who are preparing a parenting agreement, or by those who cannot come to an agreement and are facing litigation.”

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