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Divorced Dads Rights – DadCast – Episode # 12
“Divorce 101: 
Learning & Applying The Steps”

Length: 60 Minutes
Recording/Mixdown date: June 18 & 19, 2006

Release date: June 20, 2006
Copyright – June 18, 2006,
Danny Guspie & Heidi Nabert
All rights reserved worldwide


1. “ The Divorced Dad RoadMap continues…Step 6 – Divorce 101: Parenting Enrichment

2. “ The Divorced Dad RoadMap continues…Step 7 – Divorce 101: Waging Peace in Family Court

3. News items – DADcast joins the Radio Network; Excerpt from: Fathers Rights Activist Doug Richardson – Paternity Fraud, the Unconstitutional Termination of Parental Rights and one mans struggle against the Evil Family Law Empire

4. An Inside Look: Our Fathers Resources Meeting: When dad has primary care and control and Mom says” “I won’t negotiate, I want custody lets go to Family Court instead…because I can’t lose…” Part two

5. Divorce 101 – Applying the Divorce 101 steps to your case; Coaching, Mentoring and Masterminding your way to positive, child focused solutions.

6. Top 10 Divorced-Dad-Daily Countdown

7. The 52 Top Reasons “Dave” should listen to DadCast this Year – Reason # 43

8. Editorial – Scott Paton – The Dean of Blogonomics and Podology – Our mentor from the Internet Marketing Center (IMC) and a TRUE “Podcasting and RSS Genius” – We’re working with Scott on something “Top Secret”…. with the initials PMC…

9. You can participate in DadCast by sending us questions, audio, news, documents et cetera – Click here to send your submissions or ask your questions.

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PRODUCTION NOTES – Hosts: Danny Guspie & Heidi Nabert
Producer/Audio Engineer – Danny Guspie
Music by The Danny’s

Please let us know what you think about DADcast!

PRODUCTION NOTES – Hosts: Danny Guspie & Heidi Nabert
Producer/Audio Engineer – Danny Guspie
Music by The Danny’s


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Fathers Resources International (FRI) Executive Director Danny Guspie and National Shared Parenting Association President, Heidi Nabert discuss fathers rights, family court activism; Mentoring by successful divorced dads for newbies to Family Court.

6/20/2006 1:26:00 PM

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We do not offer legal advice at our support group meetings. Legal advice can only be obtained from a lawyer. We do not have a lawyer in attendance at our support group meetings. Our free support group meetings are chaired by a senior certified law clerk who is also a divorced father and an adult child of divorce. Our Support Group meetings are a place to share and exchange personal experience and knowledge about the process of separation and divorce. Discussions at our meetings are of a supportive nature so that fathers can gain a clearer understanding of separation/divorce from the perspective of fathers who have had success in Family Court. Meeting dates are subject to change.


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