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Repeal the Bradley Amendment - The birth of Debtors Prison for Dads Worldwide
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Posted by: Danny Guspie 9/23/2007
Repeal the Bradley Amendment - Where the Child Support money trail begins in North America and the creation of Debtor Prison for Fathers in The United States...

Great article here on repealing the Bradley Amendment by Phyllis Schlafy on townhall.com

Here is the birth of the industrialization of divorce and child support.

Schlafy writes:

A prime example is the 1986 federal Bradley Amendment, which mandates that a child-support debt cannot be retroactively reduced or forgiven even if the debtor is unemployed, hospitalized, in prison, sent to war, dead, proved to not be the father, never allowed to see his children, or loses his job or suffers a pay cut.

The result of this incredibly rigid law is to impose a punishment that makes it impossible for any but the very rich to get out from under a Bradley debt. Thousands of fathers are sentenced to debtors' prison (a medieval practice we thought abolished in the United States centuries ago), and thousands more have their drivers license confiscated (making it extraordinarily difficult to get a job).

Sound familiar? It should to those of you who lost your job and can't get a reduction. This thinking was imported here to Canada in the early 1990's...

"The Evil Family Law Empire" and its cohorts strike again.

If you look at the clip on the home page about my CBC NEWS comments on Henry and Henry after the Alberta decision came out, what you don't know is that CBC cut out my comments holding up evidence Parliament did not even know what it was passing when our Child Support Guidelines came into effect. They couldn't - the Federal Department of Justice report explaining how they worked came out after the Child Support Guidelines were passed.into law

Welcome to Canada...where it is to much to expect our leaders to actually understand the laws they are passing and for Judges to actually be required or volunteer to read materials before a hearing, apply the charter in Family Law cases etc...

I once had a Judge actually say to me that the Charter, the Supreme Law of Canada does not apply in Family Law...I'll say it again - The law is the bastard child of politics. Men must learn to co-operate, accept leadership and become politically active to change things..

That is why I do this work - because that time is coming. Sooner than you think.

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Re: Repeal the Bradley Amendment - The birth of Debtors Prison for Dads Worldwide    By Janice Wilson on 3/1/2006
All I can say is that I feel sorry for all young boys today. If things are this bad today what's it going to be like in 25 years?

Re: Repeal the Bradley Amendment - The birth of Debtors Prison for Dads Worldwide    By danny on 3/1/2006
Hi Janice:

We get a lot of calls from concerned women just like you about their sons. Women can help make a difference. Fathers Rights does not = Anti-women. It = Pro-child first and foremost.

The way you can help is to get politically involved. Contact your provincial/state and federal representatives be that here in Canada, or wherever you are located.

Let these politicians know you will support, recruit, vote and actively campaign and contribute financially to any politician’s re-election who will commit to making better laws. See them at their office, phone them and fax them. Make yourself visible, take others with you who agree.

That way, things will be better a whole lot sooner. It need not take 25 years.

Thanks for the comment and visiting - come back often for updates, tactics, strategies, free resources, meeting information and help.

Danny Guspie - Executive Director
Fathers Resources International

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