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History of Fathers Resources International - Part one
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Posted by: Danny Guspie Sunday, September 23, 2007 11:10 PM
History of Fathers Resources International, its activities and the autobiography of its founder, Danny Guspie. Part one - Prologue: The boy becomes the man: A childhood hero points the way and provides the inspiration.

History of Fathers Resources International - Part one

By Danny Guspie

PROLOGUE - The Boy becomes the man

I’m Danny Guspie, the Executive Director of Fathers' Resources International. This blog will give you a sense of who we are as an organization, our roots, operating philosophy, and successes for men just like you.

To begin with here is my story sad and true, and I’ve typed it up, just for you:

I’m an adult child of divorce, a "latch-key kid" from the 1970's. I have had a lifetime of experience with divorce, personally, professionally and as a leading divorce reform activist and media spokesperson locally, regionally, provincially and internationally.

Most likely, we share something in common: The love of our children, cherishing our role as Dad. It’s a big part of our identity. Of this I am certain, or you would not be reading this page.

There are moments in your life that define what is to come – my parents refusing to buy me a guitar and tape recorder at age 4 after hearing my first rock n’ roll record – My Mom’s 78’s – Buddy Holly’s “Maybe Baby”, was the first, The Diamonds “The Stroll”, the Silhouettes with Get a Job and Frankie Avalon with Dee De Dinah…

Instead, I became a nerd for next 7 years, culminating with constantly writing NASA for astronaut literature. It was a way to escape the reality of my life which was a real drag. But I digress

The last summer my parents were together we went to Wasaga Beach and rented a cottage. That summer Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones was the big hit and I was 12. That summer, I read a book that my mother ordered from a book of the month club. That book changed my entire life – “The Beatles: An Authorized Biography” by Hunter Davies.

The next installment: How the boy becomes the man – The apple does not fall far from the tree….

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